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Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to become ethical, caring  company which believes in transforming theater procedures more automated
We are committed to provide most innovative, and advanced medical equipment choices of Best Medical Equipment

Our Values

  • Customer First : Customers are the driving force behind Surgimill. We exists to serve our customers and provide them excellent and quality healthcare services. We strongly believe that our success depends on our customers trust and confidence on us.

  • Respect: we embrace diversity, communities and point of view and treat everybody at par.

  • Integrity: our focus is to treat our customers as we would like to be treated – with honesty, fairness and abiding by our words.

  • Quality: we make sure that our services will consistently be of high quality so that our customers can be proud of our work.

  • Environment: we provide healthy and innovative environment to our team members where each member creates value, deliver results and continuously improve our services

Improving health care through better quality equipment's, in clinical medicine, for improving customer satisfaction

  • Integrating latest equipment's into clinical processes making the entire process far simpler.

  • We work in a direction to continually updating our products and services in order to offer the latest in high-tech, cost-effective and durable products.

  • A leading supplier of clinical furniture and equipment, providing with a customized solution tailored to our customers need.

What Can We Offer

Working with Coffee

Meeting required standard of customer

Putting our best foot forward to make things better for tomorrow and becoming best company in manufacturing and production of medical equipment's and furniture and always making decisions and changes based upon the need of our customer. 

Aluminum Supplier

On demand and customer-specific production

Production with inventory levels aligned to forecasts of market demand. Maintaining stock levels, accuracy of demand forecasts and production capacity to meet demand on a just-in-time basis

Credit Card

Cost effective operating models

Providing quality products with greater benefit, at lower cost. We believe in increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and providing effective quality assurance of our products


Improved customer satisfaction


Customized products as per Client requirements


Best price guaranteed


24x7 Customer support through phone & help desk


Onsite and Offsite service


Strong R&D based on Current Market requirement

Why Cyellar?

Our purpose is to create durable medical equipment to promote more cost-effective care today and generations to come

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