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Full-Electric Ophthalmic Table with top slide and foot controller

Full-Electric Ophthalmic Table with top slide and foot controller

It's a new generation, fluidly Motorized Operation Table with feature-empowered design. Motorized height adjustment by foot switch enables the ophthalmologist to perform convenient & comfortable in standing or sitting position. Noise-free, jerk-free, imported D.C. motor for motorized vertical height adjustment for easy elevation. Optimally designed base provides ample toe space for the user, along with extreme stability. Provided with fixing knobs for stability prevent shaking, vibration or movement during operation. Optimally positioned head rest with manually controlled up & down motion option allows the surgeon easy access to the patient, while offering the patient comfortable head positioning. Integrated weight compensation by gas springs facilitates manual adjustment of the trendelenberg (head low) & reverse trendelenberg (head up). Adjustable wrist support offers surgeons convenient stability during operations. Easy for patients to lie with their arms by their sides without the need of additional arm straps. Spacious, Autistic Polyurethane cushions offer patients excellent comfort and is easy to clean & maintain.

  • Specification

    Top dimension

    L 1750 x W 600 mm

    Height adjustment with pad

    700 mm – 950 mm

    Distance of Moving Front Side

    125 mm From Centre to Head Side & 125 mm From Centre to Leg Side

    Distance of Moving Left Side

    50 mm From Centre to Left Side & 50 mm From Centre to Right Side

    Trendelenburg / Reverse Trend

    15° / 15°

    Back Rest (upward / downward)

    60° / 0°

    Leg Rest (upward / downward)

    15° / 90°

    Power supply


    Patient Weight Capacity

    150 kgs (330 lbs)

  • Additional Information


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